When you hire a new york videographer to record your special event, you want to make sure you’ll not only have a quality video, but that the individual who comes to record the event is professional and inconspicuous.

To help you with the selection process, here are a few questions to ask any potential new york videographer:

· How long have you been in business? An Experienced new york videographer will typically do a better job, so ask up front how long they’ve been working in the field.

· Will you be the one taping my event? Larger studios may use freelancers, so it’s important that you interview the actual videographer to ensure all the details are ironed out and that you’re comfortable with the person who will be handling the camera.

· How many cameras do you use? If the answer is two or more, find out if that means additional videographers or just cameras on tripods.

· How many and what kind of microphones do you use? Audio quality is as important as video quality, so be sure to discuss microphone needs and placement in advance.

· How do you edit the video? The number of hours spent on editing will impact the final price.

· Can I get my video on DVD? DVD provides a much higher quality than VHS and last much longer.

· Can I see samples of your work? When reviewing samples, make sure they are done by the actual person who will be taping your event, especially when dealing with larger studios that may have several crews.

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Also, be aware that while some videographers are happy to send out a sample of their work, others will require that you make an appointment to view samples at their studios; still others offer streaming video on their website.

· Do you offer other services, such as providing highlight or recap videos?

· Do you offer special effects, such as black and white, sepia-toned, slow-motion, animation, etc.

· What are your payment requirements, including deposits and when final payment is due?

· Are you properly licensed and insured?